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Heritage Marketing

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In an industry that focuses on the younger, 18-25 talent pool, particularly for women, it’s always important to remember that everyone gets older. But using your heritage – whether you’re a performer or a company – to cater to the people that prefer something/someone they know and trust, should help you find that you’re not quite as “disposable” as the entertainment industry might make you think or feel.

There’s actually some good information here (basically, stop Tweeting about yourself and start being more interested in other things and other people), but it’s in picture form…isn’t your brain tired right now from the loooooong week anyway? Enjoy…

Signal to Noise Ratio

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What are some key things to keep in mind so that your time spent on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/YouTube/etc doesn’t feel wasted?

Social Media and Google Rankings

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However, Social Media can also affect Google rankings, because one of the other factors that Google uses in its algorithm is pretty obvious – popularity and demand.

Here’s a quick list of reasons why social media marketing, social networking, and blogging is beneficial, and more and more becoming crucial.



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