10 Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About

It’s Friday. It’s the end of the month. Probably not the best time to start putting brand new ideas in your head. You’ve got the weekend, after all – and it’s summer. So please enjoy this little, slightly tongue-in-cheek offering from The Oatmeal.

There’s actually some good information here (basically, stop Tweeting about yourself and start being more interested in other things and other people), but it’s in picture form…isn’t your brain tired right now from the loooooong week anyway? Enjoy 🙂



Yeah, kind of a no-brainer. I guess people MIGHT engage in a conversation, but … it’s probably not going to lead to anything.


I blog about Social Media all the time since that’s my job, but I don’t really Tweet about it all that much. Get busy interacting instead of talking about the process.


I dunno about this one…I do like sharing what I’m hearing at a conference, especially since some of my followers aren’t attendees for various reasons. Posting about what’s going on means if they have a question, they can ask me. I can see the logic, but I’ll probably still Tweet from conferences.


Yeah, this is pretty self-serving, right? Unless, of course, Twitter’s paying you to talk about how great they are. People pretty much get that it’s here and not going anywhere – a few tips here and there for the nOObs, maybe, but time to move on to other things.


Unless you’re a trainer or a gym owner, I would think.


Unless you own a shelter, a animal hospital, or any other sort of animal services company.


I get these from time to time, and all I can think is, “May I have some of whatever you’re having so I can understand what you’re saying?” …


Unless it serves a purpose of some kind other than narcissism – like promoting a site, or event, or sharing with the people you went to said event with. I


Self-destruction is sad to watch, but it’s like a train wreck…you can’t look away. It’s the American condition, unfortunately. I’m all for sharing thoughts and comments about how you feel about the world, but constant self-commentary (like RTing when people list you on a FollowFriday list instead of just thanking them, or RTing when someone says something nice about you) is pretty much masturbatory. I think it’s ok if it’s paced properly, or if your branded message is meant to inspire and people actually look to you for that. But even then…if all your posts are of this variety, I think people eventually tune you out.


You have what you have. People can see how many you have if they look at your profile. Increase your followers organically, and you won’t have to tweet/ask/brag about the follower count thing.

Have a good weekend, and here’s to hoping there’s more real interaction next week!