If You’re on Twitter…Some Valuable Advice

Confidence isn’t being the arrogant authority on a subject. Admitting your faults and openly expressing your desire to learn and better yourself (in all the ways that is possible, from personal to business) is where REAL confidence comes in. Having the stones to admit that you’re not perfect but you’re open to suggestions is where real confidence comes in. And THAT’s sexy.

Customer Service Pt2 – More Good Vibes

I talked about how to use good customer service skills to entice customers. Today I’d like to continue talking about that, with some extra steps that are beneficial to maintaining customer loyalty.

Customer Service Pt 1 – The Good Vibe

Customer service is always going to be important, regardless of what type of business you’re in. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling widgets, a service, or entertainment – you are always going to interact with customers in one way or another if you are looking to make a profit.

Being Smart vs Overthinking

Being comfortable with yourself is part of that equation. Overthinking things not only makes you uncomfortable, but it translates to the screen. Not only that, but it can affect your entire being. Be smart, but also keep a good sense of humor and the ability to breathe through the tough times.

Trolls vs Critical Reviews

Understand that it’s the other person’s insecurities and jealousies that are probably causing them to try to cut you down, but reacting strongly to it is only going to confirm their assumptions that you are someone they can use to make themselves feel better. Don’t let them win.