Mental Real Estate

What are you doing about making sure that you’ve staked out your little bit of a customer’s mental real estate?

What’s Social Media Marketing?

Take that philosophy, and throw in a thousand non-celebrities talking about it rather than one paid celebrity, and you’ve got social media marketing that works.

Industrial Media vs Social Media

I’m getting tired of hearing about what happened on YouTube or Twitter hours if not days after it already happened, as if it were breaking news…we’ve already seen it, Tweeted about it, blogged about it, discussed its merits and problems, and moved on by that time.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

The problem is that businesses haven’t really completely liked the notion of blogging yet. Do you really have time to add another project – a blog – to that ever-growing list of work duties?

“Social” Media?

If more people understood social media, I think that they would find that it’s an amazing tool to get the word out on any product or company, or any new product that a company might be looking to promote. Over the next couple of days, I’ll go over what social media marketing is, what it is not, and its differences from “old” media.

The New Media Way to Job-Search

With more and more conversations taking place on the internet and job searches being conducted online, you have to look beyond old-school examples to see what practical advice is working for candidates right now.