Hurting Others to Protect Yourself Never Works

We say we teach our kids to be tolerant, but then we send them a mixed message when we can’t control our own emotions. Take the time. Learn tolerance in all its shapes and colors. Take a moment before reacting, screaming, shouting, throwing, and accusing. I think that you’d be surprised to find that most of the time, there was nothing to get all riled up about in the first place.

Become Emotionally Attached

The minute YOU become emotionally attached to someone, they feel comfortable opening up to you. And the minute you ALLOW someone to become emotionally attached to you, they becomes slightly loyal.

There’s No Hill

What wrong would it do if companies stopped trying to push each other off of the hill, and instead concentrated on how to make their product the best available? What if companies stopped spending half of their time talking about another company’s product? The community can do the comparisons for you.