ThePRSMGroup understands the entertainment and pleasure products industries are always looking for new and innovative ways to market their product, whether it is a site, film, talent, product, or service.

Our forte is in social media – how to use the web and the new media options available in order to increase your brand presence, and ultimately, the capacity to increase your revenue stream. We coordinate interviews, issue press releases, research marketing avenues, advise on collaborations, and occasionally, assist with product placement.

And yes, we handle the adult industry as well. The majority of our clients are adult novelty and health & wellness companies, as well as production houses and distribution firms.


Consultations are custom-designed to fit each client, as we understand each client has unique, individual needs:

  • Consultations: We provide experienced “thinktank” services, as well as general information and research services, to save you the time and headache involved in blindly figuring out what direction you should take with your business. For new business owners, this initial consultation can be a highly integral part of establishing your overall business strategy. After the initial consultation, “tuneup” consultations are available along the way. This can be performed either over Skype or IM, and can last up to 2 hours. Cost: $250.00
  • Social media audit / coaching: Already have a social media person in-house, or have allocated a person in-house to do your social media, but aren’t getting results? We can perform a social media audit to see what’s working and what’s not. Coaching sessions are also available for companies that would prefer to use their own personnel, but want someone with social media marketing experience to coach their staff. Cost: $250/audit, $100/hr coaching
  • Full PR & Social Media Package: This is our standard package. We provide press releases to appropriate media outlets to promote your business, product, and more; press releases are a necessary part of your marketing plan. Making sure producers, distributors, buyers, and fans are aware of your new developments through public announcements guarantee your brand recognition is increased, as well as help with organic SEO. We also create and manage your social media accounts, send products out for review, pitch media for interviews, and more. Every client is different; we tailor each package to fit your particular needs. Regular meetings will occur on an as-needed basis (some require daily check-ins online, others are monthly in-person), so we can work together to increase your brand message online. (3 month minimum, must include initial consultation) Cost: Please contact to discuss
  • A la Carte Press Release Writing and Distribution: For clients who want one-off messages to media, we provide a la carte press release writing services, as well as distribution / wire services. All media pickups will be signal-boosted via Twitter, and occasionally, via Facebook. (No initial consultation required) Cost: $250/press release
  • Additional services:
    • We can create custom blogs, Twitter backgrounds and set up social media profiles for a nominal fee. Cost: TBD
    • Several of our clients ask us to manage their social media accounts while they are away on work, vacation, or the holidays – or just have a busy week, such as during principal photography. Please just ask – you’ll find we are not only economical, but fast, on-brand, and hands-on with your social media messages. Cost: TBD


Please Note…

Please keep in mind that we are NOT talent agents. We are not licensed as such. If you are seeking an agent, however, we can point you in the right direction.



All payments must be paid prior to work commencement.
Payments can be easily made via PayPal, credit cards, and ACH.
PayPal & credit card invoices will include an additional 4% processing fee.
For corporate clients and longer contracts, we can set up a recurring invoice system.


Speaking Engagements, Appearances, and Interviews

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