Are You Allowed to be My Friend?

Have you had any interactions where your friendships were questioned? Have you questioned someone’s friendships? Were you able to rise above, or did you let your selfish motivations get the better of you?

Automatic vs Manual

Trust, loyalty, and support come from repeated positive experiences that result in an educated judgment call by the consumer that the product, and the business behind it, are trust-worthy, and as a result, worthy of their hard-earned cash.

The Social Media ROI Experiment

If you’re wondering about ROI for properly implemented social media…hope this helps put a more concrete picture in your mind as to how it can work for you.

A Moment of Zen

Sometimes, feathers are ruffled for one reason or another. Assumptions are made, conclusions are reached without fact-checking, and bridges are burned.

Valuing Your Employees

I usually write about online business, but it’s important to recognize that social media tactics can be applied to brick-and-mortar companies as well.

The Power of Collaboration

Help and be helped. Think “What can I do for them?” as well as “What can they do for me?” You’ll be thankful that you did.

Emotional Bartering

I have a simple rule that I live by. I treat others as I’d like to be treated, and hope that they do the same. It’s really just that simple.